The key objectives of The Under 18’s Programme is to provide evidence based treatment to the under 18’s age group and their families from the Dublin 12 catchment area presenting to the service with problems relating to substance misuse. The project provides a range of interventions to address our service user’s substance misuse and problems they experience as a result of that misuse. The purpose of our interventions is to solve and/or modify these problems depending on the young person’s ability, understanding, and motivation to implement positive change in their life.

Provide timely evidence based treatment modules to support young people under the age of 18 including caregivers have reduce/ cease at the very least reduce their misuse and reduce at risk behaviours.  The Under 18’s programme work through the Adolescent Reinforcement Approach Treatment Model, motivational interviewing & cognitive behavioural therapy.

The Under 18’s Programme Engage with external agencies working with the young person through agency case conferences, writing reports and communication.  Reduction in criminal activity outside have been reported by Caregivers and service users, however more aggressive behaviour is happening in the home.

Of the 83 participants demonstrate evidence of improved health status of service users

ARC Under 18’s Programme provided evidence based treatment to children from the ages of 10 to 18 and their families in the Dublin 12 catchment area, presenting to the service with serious problems relating to substance misuse.  We provide a range of interventions to address the service user’s substance misuse.