About Us

Addiction Response Crumlin (ARC) is a community-based organisation. Set up in 1996 to respond to the drugs crisis in the Crumlin area of Dublin. Over the years, ARC has developed a comprehensive and integrated set of treatment, support and rehabilitation programmes working from the bio-psycho-social model.

Current services include access to:

  1. Methadone Maintenance
  2. Stabilisation and Detoxification programmes
  3. Cocaine & Poly-drug use/ Alcohol misuse programmes
  4. Under 18’s programme
  5. Recovery and Aftercare services,
  6. Family Support,
  7. Counselling
  8. Holistic Therapies.

ARC also provides a major rehabilitation programme aiming to facilitate the progression of recovering substance misusers through rehabilitation into mainstream employment or further education.
Through this wide spectrum of services, ARC delivers holistic person-centred addiction recovery programmes, which are appropriate to the needs and circumstances of each individual service user.

Keenly aware of the destructive impacts an individual’s substance misuse can have on their family and on their community, ARC engages directly with families through our Family Support Services and the Strengthening Families programme. ARC remains closely rooted in and connected with the community we are part of. We work to build strong networks and partnerships through all our activities.

The experience of ARC demonstrates the vital contribution a local community can make to respond to the problems of substance misuse. The organisation is widely acknowledged as one of the strongest and most effective community addiction projects in the country.


Based in Cashel Road, Crumlin since it was founded in 1996, ARC acquired additional premises in 2010 in the
Sunshine Industrial Estate on Crumlin Road. At present, the Cashel Road premises houses the treatment/ support
programme in partnership with the HSE, alcohol harm reduction programme and the cocaine & poly-drug users’
programme. Holistic, counselling and complementary therapies are also offered in Cashel Road. The new
premises, Sunshine Estate, houses the rehabilitation programmes as well as the new alcohol aftercare
programme, family support services, Under 18’s services, aftercare programme, and the management and
administration unit.

Service Delivery Model

ARC divides its work into integrated programmes, all of which use a variety of approaches and models of practice
to engage, support and guide individuals and families towards the best possible outcomes they can achieve which
will also impact positively upon the wider community.


To respond to addiction in our communities by providing caring, professional and efficient
services to individuals and their families in Dublin 12 and surrounding areas.


To empower people to recover from addiction through continuing to build
supportive communities in Dublin 12 and surrounding areas.


  •  Community: Recognising the interdependence of the individual, the family and the community in all our services, and building strong networks and partnerships within our communities.
  • Adaptability: Maintaining ARC as a publicly accountable organisation, able to adapt to the changing needs of individuals and community.
  • Respect: Respecting, empowering and valuing people as they are without judgement.
  • Equality: Working to maintain high quality services, fully and equally accessible to everyone who needs them in our communities.


ARC aims to support people with substance misuse problems and their families in the Dublin 12 area, and to assist
service users to re-integrate into their local community. To assist towards achieving this aim,
ARC have five key objectives:

● To support service users to stabilise their substance misuse2 through medical,
holistic and harm reduction models.
● To provide a comprehensive integrated rehabilitation pathway to our service users,
by providing access, treatment, training, and after-care programmes.
● To provide a range of supports for the families of service users, and for other members
of the local community who have been affected by substance misuse.
● To support service users through after-care by providing counselling, career-guidance,
social activity, education and holistic therapies.
● Build awareness of gambling and technology related addiction and the associated impacts.