The aim of the Cocaine & Poly Drug Programme is to provide crisis intervention, cognitive therapy, one to one counselling, complementary / holistic therapies, and individual support sessions with key-worker support to cocaine/ crack cocaine/poly-drug users.

It also offers outreach support, drug education, Advocacy, Drop-In, Art Therapy, rehabilitation, relapse prevention. (Day, Evening and Saturday Programmes).

The Key Objectives of the programme:

  • To support and encourage cocaine/poly-drug users to progress along the continuum of care towards achieving a drug free status
  • To promote health and well-being among those addressing issues relating to cocaine/crack use.
  • To provide an after care service for 20 Service users per year. To continue to deliver relevant activities to service users no longer needing high levels of engagement, due to their drug status.
  • To raise awareness of the consequence of cocaine use with family members of our service users.

The modules of Treatment that are followed are

  • Bio psychosocial model
  • Community reinforcement approach
  • Motivation interviewing/ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Harm Reduction