Programmes & Services

Treatment and Support service

Treatment and Support service is the first point of contact for service users wishing to avail of a service within the Dublin 12 area.

Alcohol Reduction Programme

Alcohol Reduction Programme seeks to support service users presenting with problematic alcohol use in reducing the harm associated with alcohol use, safely managing their alcohol use or becoming alcohol-free, according to the service user’s personal goals.

Cocaine & Poly Drug Programme

The aim of the Cocaine & Poly Drug Programme is to provide crisis intervention, cognitive therapy, one to one counselling, complementary / holistic therapies, and individual support sessions with key-worker support to cocaine/ crack cocaine/poly-drug users.

F.R.O.S.T Programme

The FROST Programme is the first step to provide rehabilitation to over 18 years of age to detox and or reduce their methadone use.

Family Support Programme

The key objective of the Family Support Programme is to provide family support to all who present from the Dublin 12 areas.

Under 18’s Programme

The key objectives of The Under 18’s Programme is to provide evidence based treatment to the under 18’s age group and their families from the Dublin 12 catchment area.

Strengthening Families Programme

The Strengthening Families Programme is now identified as a separate inter-agency response.

Methadone Treatment Service

ARC works in partnership with the HSE to provide a methadone treatment service. This service is directly funded and managed by the HSE, and co-ordinated by a medical doctor.

Stabilisation Programme

Recognising the need for support and education for people in early recovery, this is a parttime
rehabilitation and training programme.

The Rehabilitation Programmes

The Rehabilitation Programmes facilitates service users to achieve their objectives through encouraging autonomy, independences by providing a strong work and social skills programme.

The Aftercare Programme

The Aftercare Programme provides aftercare services to those over 18’s in recovery from substance misuse from the Dublin 12 area. 

Allotments Programme

Addiction Response Crumlin rent 4 allotments from Pearse College, the Allotment Programme was created when we realised there was a need for some outdoor activity for the service users within our organisation.