Community Employment / Rehabilitation & Recovery Programmes:

The Rehabilitation Programmes facilitates service users to achieve their objectives through encouraging autonomy, independences by providing a strong work and social skills programme.

We provide a holistic service to substance misuser’s that meet the criteria for engagement on Arc’s Special Community Employment Scheme.  The staff on the Rehabilitation Programmes provide case management, care-planning, key-Working, one to one supports for each service user attending the programme.

The following are the empowerments of achievements the service users attain during their time on the rehabilitation programme.

  • To enable the service user to begin to engage in the process of rehabilitation designed to regain their capacity for daily life away from the impact of problem Addiction use.
  • To empower service users in early recovery and address the issues that has impacted negatively on their lives through confidence and self-esteem building.
  • Addressing rehabilitation needs, lifestyle changes, work towards personal and social achievements career plan and relevant education or further training courses.
  • To explore learning opportunities on CE-On-Going stabilization, Career Planning, identification of courses at an appropriate level for the service user and other option.
  • Development of progression group criteria for the group with service users who have completed a Major FETAC Award.